About Transylvania Tech News

 About Transylvania Tech News

While many industries have been severely hit by the pandemic,  major technology companies have been scaling up during the last year and creating more jobs than any other sector.  It is also the case of IT companies from Transylvania, a tech hub that is quietly flourishing and stepping in front as an alternative tech powerhouse. 

The people here took the initiative, were involved, materialized their most innovative and optimistic ideas, and most importantly they believed in both their potential and that offered by the IT environment. 

Thus, Transylvania today enjoys the remarkable results obtained so far regarding the tech industry, and at the same time manages to stay on the same path to new achievements and future successes. SOftech writes about Cluj Napoca, which enters 2020 with a rough number of ~800 software development companies.

However, the tech hubs of Transylvania remain largely unknown. This issue can limit and slow down the evolution of the tech industry. 

In the interview given by David Achim, executive director at Oradea Tech Hub, he talks about the lack of promotion of the Romanian tech industry and the solution of this problem by adopting the “Transylvania Tech News” initiative.

During the interview, David Achim spoke about the Transylvania Tech News initiative, regarding the benefits that this idea brings, the long-term goal, and the contribution of those involved.

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How the IT ecosystem in Transylvania is developing

Transylvania’s ecosystem is about union and collaboration

The technological ecosystem in Transylvania is built step by step, with the involvement of every small hub that has the same vision – that of an ecosystem that imposes itself and becomes competitive on global skills. 

When people support each other and work together towards a common goal, ideas begin to be constantly improved to become achievable and then implemented.

This benefit of collaboration is generally valid, so a strategy based on the interaction and connection between people who come with passions, experiences, knowledge, skills, and talents can be the ideal start. Thus, a common vision and the concept of union guide Transylvania Ecosystem, which has already designed its path to success.

The more perceived and adopted the idea of collaboration, the faster innovation will be in Transylvania.


Local authorities support changes and development of the city

Oradea Tech Hub has the support of local authorities, who were receptive to constructive ideas, justified opinions, or various proposals. They get involved, listen, and understand the importance of a tech ecosystem in Transylvania. They always support with confidence the implementation of an idea that would have a positive effect on the ecosystem. 

Local companies have also teamed up in Oradea to make this city more competitive and innovative. They support the discovery of talents, invest in their capitalization, and urge creative initiatives and solutions for change to occur as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is how the Make IT Oradea initiative was born. It aims to develop a local community of start-ups, and it involves identifying innovative business ideas and funding them with amounts of up to 50,000 euros. This initiative contributes to the acceleration of the evolution process regarding the IT industry in Oradea.

People from other cities in Transylvania are beginning to follow the example of Oradea, to get information, to ask for advice, and to act in this direction. The most important thing, mentions David Achim, is the interest and support of those involved.


The purpose and the objectives of Transylvania Tech News

The lack of understanding and promotion of the IT ecosystem in Romania may represent a disadvantage regarding the evolution process. Once the information and news are widely used and cross local borders, people will start paying more attention to Transylvanian tech.

The vision behind Transylvania Tech News places Transylvania towards a bright future. The tech ecosystem in Transylvania wants to unite the existing local tech ecosystems here and promote a booming tech activity, through the power acquired from union and collaboration. 

Transylvania Tech News will present opportunities for entrepreneurs and startup founders to open businesses in Transylvania, investors, professionals, or enthusiasts to join the initiative.

It aims to treat local ecosystems as one, and people involved to promote the current situation through exciting events, success stories, or, why not, lessons from failures.


Why Transylvania is an ideal tech destination 

Transylvania’s  Selling Point – a welcoming and development-friendly environment, rich in history and wildlife

Transylvania has an environment that supports and promotes the quality of life. For example, during the pandemic, many IT companies were effective by adopting a flexible work schedule. People were able to perform their tasks from home or any other space. This type of adaptation resonated with the preferences of employees and employers. For example, Sonrisa, Hungarian software development and IT company, opened its office in Oradea, in November 2020, due to the facilities they identified here. The medical services, the size of the city, and the specializations of the faculty represent the advantages that they took into account regarding this decision.

Many people have chosen to return to Romania and take advantage of the possibilities here. “An estimated 1.3 m Romanians went back to Romania — equivalent to three times the population of its second-biggest city” according to The Economist. Also, the Internet in Romania has a very fast loading speed, and it occupies a position at the top of the world ranking. All these represent advantages to be considered in terms of IT activity.  


Moving to Transylvania is even more exciting than it sounds

Some people want to have an impactful contribution to a small community. They want to be part of the change or to be the initiators of projects. Others have mentoring skills and significant experience. They are willing to contribute to the development of the next generation by sharing their knowledge. Many of them have ingenious tech ideas and want to start their own company. In any case, Transylvania can be a favorable environment for them.

This interview highlighted the problem of insufficient, almost non-existent promotion of the IT Industry, and David Achim says that this solution will come through a simple approach. The people from the tech hubs of Transylvania will unite, spread the successes of this area, and build an authentic and realistic image of it. This is what Transylvania Tech News is about.  


Get involved

What do you say? Would you like to be part of the tech community of Transylvania through the articles you create? Do you want to gather useful, captivating news that will change perspectives, surprise the reader and give him a new point of view? Or more, do you want to contribute to the development of the tech ecosystem here? 


Join the editorial team and write articles about the things in Transylvania that deserve to be promoted!

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