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Our mission is to promote the industry of technology, local IT&C talent, initiatives and creative startups from the tech hubs of Transylvania.

The technological ecosystem in Transylvania is built step by step, with the involvement of every small hub that has the same vision – that of an ecosystem that becomes competitive on a global scale.

Find out more about the Transylvania Tech News initiative by watching the interview with David Achim.

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Rebeca Avram

content writer

Rebeca Petricău

content writer

Roxana Dănilă

content writer

Cristina Radu

content writer

Sebastian Florian

content writer

Carmen Pârge

content writer

Koolt Communications

content writer

Darius Codoban

video production

Andrei Niculaș

video production

Brandup Media

web development

Sacaciu Eliza

web developer

Oana Mudura


Naomi Pentie

project manager

David Achim


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