Brașov, the epicenter of the activities of EIT in Romania

 Brașov, the epicenter of the activities of EIT in Romania

Iceberg – a Brașov-based company – leader in the innovation consulting market, has been selected by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) to perform three important roles in Romania; in the fields of energy, manufacturing industry, and sustainable transport. 

In 2019, Iceberg was designated Regional Innovation Hub for the implementation of EIT InnoEnergy initiatives. In 2020, it became a hub for EIT Manufacturing activities. Since 2021, Iceberg has been appointed Network Partner for EIT Urban Mobility.

From its position as EIT representative, Iceberg plays an important role in the validation, promotion, and financing of startups, in forming partnerships between the private sector and the research ecosystem. Starting with awards and support for startups, Iceberg supports the organization of entrepreneurial education programs and grants for local organizations that are aligned with the EIT mission. 

EIT innovation communities

Other EIT innovation communities in Romania are managed in Bucharest by Impact Hub for EIT Food, in Timiș by the Chamber of Commerce for EIT Climate-KIC and in Cluj-Napoca by FreshBlood for EIT Health. Romania has recently strengthened its position within The European Institute for Innovation and Technology by appointing Răzvan Nicolescu, former Minister of Energy, the EIT Director Council; the European body that will manage a budget of 4 billion euros in the next 5 years. 

Brașov is emerging as the Romanian epicenter of the largest eco-technologies accelerator in the world, EIT

By promoting three out of the eight EIT communities, Brașov is shaped like the epicenter of the largest accelerator of eco-technologies in the world and contributes to conducting projects such as PowerUp! Challenge competition or Primer preaccelerator. Along with the partners in Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara, Iceberg turns Transylvania into the most effervescent innovation lab in the country. 

EIT’s objectives

EIT InnoEnergy aims to support the achievement of real sustainability, and to transform the industry into a commercially viable, innovative, and competitive globally. EIT Manufacturing aims to support producers in adopting innovation processes that add value to this sector and contribute to creating a competitive and sustainable production. EIT Urban Mobility has assumed the mission to turn mobility and make urban spaces friendly with their inhabitants. EIT Urban Mobility will support the implementation of new mobility solutions, in order to give public spaces back to the community.

In December 2020, Iceberg also hosted the first Cross-KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) Regional Executive Academy. The purpose of this event was to accelerate innovation processes through non-refundable European funds to be allocated to Romania in the new financial year 2021-2027. The academy has also benefited from interventions from The Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) specialized in health, climate change, food, industry, and raw materials. 

For additional information on Iceberg’s activities in supporting the mission of the European Institute for Innovation and Technology in Romania, contact Mr. Ionuț Țața, CEO of Iceberg (e-mail:

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