Cities of the Future – 4 startups join the Orange Fab program

 Cities of the Future – 4 startups join the Orange Fab program

There are four startups that are part of the Orange Fab accelerator, an initiative of Orange, Iceberg, and the Brașov Metropolitan Agency. These startups develop solutions for waste management, cybersecurity, electric scooter charging, and streamlining customer relations processes through AI. They were selected in the Cities of the Future program, launched on March 17, 2021. The aim of Cities of the Future is to identify young companies that are working to improve the experience of people in the cities, to streamline the work of institutions public relations, or for the business relationship between citizens and town halls.

Thanks to this program of Orange, the CityDock, CyberEdu, ECON, and EmailTree.AI startups will benefit from mentoring for product development and finalizing the business plan, together with the Orange Romania professionals. They will have access to the latest generation communications equipment and technologies, such as LoRaWAN or LTE-M through the Orange 5G Lab, and they will also receive support for the implementation of the pilot projects with the companies and the public authorities.

  • CityDock is a company that develops a network of smart charging stations for electric scooters according to their own patented design. CityDock has also developed a mobile application which allows user management and provides information about the charging station occupancy.
  • CyberEdu develops a teaching and e-learning platform for cyber security specialists that focuses on personalized training according to one’s own skills. CyberEdu’s mission is to be a strong pillar in the growth and in the improvement of global cyber security capabilities.
  • ECON is a company that develops a waste management system. Through the sensors installed in the containers, the Internet of Things (IoT) platform displays the filling level of each container. The application finds the most efficient routes for collection and delivery to the waste processing point by combining this information with the position of the containers on the street.
  • EmailTree.AI develops a solution that supports the efficiency of customer relations and support processes. Their end-to-end solution proposes to automatize the writing of emails and reduce the response time for them through an algorithm in order for companies and public institutions to respond more quickly to customers and citizens.

City halls and public administrations function, in turn, as companies with specific needs, leading to streamlining processes, costs and improving the quality of the citizens’ life. New startups in Orange Fab aim to bring solutions to improve urban mobility – a requirement in modern cities, to respond to an increased need for cybersecurity, to facilitate the response to the requests from the citizens and, last but not least, to improve waste management – a very important topic for today’s cities. We are developing these collaborations to offer support both to the startup community and to the authorities and companies that are looking for technological solutions to the problems encountered.

Cristian Pațachia – Innovation & Development Manager @Orange Romania

Together with Orange and its partners, these four new startups selected in Orange Fab will have the opportunity to participate in the event Cities of the Future Startup Forum that will take place in Brașov, on June 28, at 15:00. During this event, they will be able to present solutions to potential customers in the area.

We invited to Brașov startups selected within the Orange Fab accelerator, as well as other emerging companies with products dedicated to urban communities, not only as a culmination of their success and a networking opportunity. We believe that their models of good practice will be taken over by local entrepreneurs, public institutions and authorities in Brașov and the Center region, as well as by local and regional operators of public utilities. Together with the partners of the Brașov and Orange Metropolitan Agency, we are ready to support them to enter the Brașov market. Thus, we will strengthen our city’s commitment to digital and green transformation that prepares a sustainable future for all the citizens.

Ionuț Țața – CEO @Iceberg Consulting

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