Creatopy, a contributor to environmental protection

 Creatopy, a contributor to environmental protection

Creatopy, a tech company founded by an entrepreneur from Oradea, Gabriel Ciordaș, is joining the Romanian Alpine Club –  Cluj Branch and the Administration of the Apuseni Natural Park. They will be helping to clean up the rugged areas of Padis, Răchita Valley, from July 2-4, 2021.


In doing so, Creatopy fulfills its mission of being a company dedicated to sustainability that addresses environmental issues through concrete actions. At the same time, Creatopy is a company from Oradea that is proud of its origins, and one of its values declares admiration and respect for the local community.


This collaboration comes as a natural continuation of the actions taken by Creatopy through its founder and CEO who recently opened a new headquarter at the largest processed wood office building in Eastern Europe. With seven times lower energy consumption compared to a classic brick and concrete building, their newest addition meets passive house standards. 

Creatopy’s new heardquarter

Creatopy wants to be an example for the Romanian business community not only through these initiatives that are meant to help conserve biodiversity and protect the environment.

We want to inspire other companies to do the same — to choose sustainability over short-term gains, because saving our planet must be a joint effort. The decisions we make today will influence the planet we leave to our future generations.

Gabriel Ciordaș – Founder & CEO @Creatopy

More details about the action in Padiș can be found on the Romanian Alpine Club’s website.

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