Machine Learning course launching in Oradea

 Machine Learning course launching in Oradea

Machine learning (ML) is a part of artificial intelligence that is used to create smart apps which learn from large quantities of data. It is used to organize our photos by their contents, to suggest new restaurants and to help us by automating the boring tasks in life. ML is of great interest both to large corporations, which hire the best ML researchers for salaries going up to 1 million dollars per year, and for many startups, which have received investments worth 24 billion dollars in 2019 to develop ML technologies, according to Statista.

On the 17th of May, the first machine learning course in Oradea will be launched by Roland Szabo, in collaboration with Oradea Tech Hub. 

Roland is an ML consultant, who is active in the Oradea tech ecosystem and is a mentor at the Bright Labs Incubator by Make IT in Oradea. He has more than 5 years of experience developing smart products, including at Google in Zürich, at Laif Science, and Archive 360.

The course is aimed at programmers who know Python and who want to learn one of the most trending fields in computer science. The curriculum combines both the coding part of machine learning and the challenges of integrating ML successfully into a business process.

The usage of machine learning has exploded in the last couple of years and I’m certain that in 5 years everything around us will use ML technologies. This is why I want to help the Oradea tech ecosystem to grow in this direction and train future generations of ML specialists.

Roland Szabo, the instructor of the course

The course will last four weeks. Every week there will be an in person meeting at Oradea Tech Hub Co-working space in Oradea Fortress. During these meetings, Roland will explain some of the theoretical basis of ML and then will solve some practical applications with the students. Every week there will be a ML challenge issued to the students and there will be a competition to see who can solve it best. To discuss issues that come up during the homework, there will be a forum available to the students and a weekly Zoom call.

For more details and to register, you can access the course website.

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