Make IT in Oradea offers first founding round of 50.000 EUR to technology startup OptiOffer

 Make IT in Oradea offers first founding round of 50.000 EUR  to technology startup OptiOffer

Oradea-based technology startup OptiOffer gets 50.000 EUR in funding as part of the program “Make IT in Oradea”, a public initiative aimed at promoting and growing the local startup ecosystem. This is the first financing round offered by Make IT in Oradea, less than a year after the program’s launch.

The Business to Business platform that connects suppliers and resellers

OptiOffer is a Supplier – Reseller Platform (SRP), focused on Business to Business
transactions, managing price quotes and eCatalogs. It connects suppliers and resellers in order to make selling and buying products more efficient, without having to deal with hundreds of PDF or printed catalogs, price lists and emails. Such a platform brings the Business to Consumer experience to B2B transactions to achieve connected selling and streamlined buying.

The platform helps both entrepreneurs and sales people to focus on customer relationships, instead of spending that time to manage catalogs, price quotes and supplier orders.

In the sector of professional equipment, in order to create a single price quote, it can take from a few hours, up to a few days, depending on the complexity of the project. Currently, this process is done manually: the salesperson copies the product descriptions, specifications, and prices from PDF catalogs into a Word or Excel document – the price quote. It is a back-and-forth process for many companies, which didn’t improve considerably since the 1990s.

Bogdan Boța –  Co-founder & CTO of OptiOffer

The product is dedicated to small and medium enterprises that sell equipment. These can be either resellers or distributors that are doing B2B selling in industries such as hospitality, green energy, HVAC equipment, and so on.

The vision for a new kind of B2B commerce

In an ideal world, it would be very easy to find and buy all the equipment needed to run a hotel online, just like you buy a phone or a laptop. With OptiOffer we want to help end customers to get quotes and other documents from resellers as fast as possible and not get lost in dozens of e-mails for each purchase. We want resellers to be able to sell from wherever they are and collect the payments as soon as possible. Last but not least, we want manufacturers to have access to a network of curated and verified resellers, and give instant access to their own eCatalog.

To achieve this, we need to create a network where manufacturers can find resellers and distributors, to whom they can give instant access to their eCatalog. In such a eCatalog, the products and the prices are always updated. This means that new product and price changes will go from manufacturer to distributor and reseller automatically, without errors, in just a few seconds. The ultimate goal is to complete deals with no errors, in record time. On the other
hand, resellers will be able to efficiently manage their suppliers, quotes and deals from anywhere.

Nichita Herpuț –  Co-founder & CEO of OptiOffer

The funding process

David Achim, Executive Director of Make IT in Oradea , who is also the person that facilitated the financing process, said that “Both Make IT in Oradea board members and me personally, Nichita and Bogdan amazed us and continue to do so. They are, I think, the ideal type of founders for a technology startup: they complement each other extraordinarily, they have proven extraordinary startup development skills so far and they have incredible ambition. When I look back 6 months ago and remember our first meeting, it’s amazing how they’ve evolved in every way. I look forward to seeing their development in the coming years, and I am convinced that OptiOffer can be the next great success on an international scale, for both Oradea’s and Romania’s startup ecosystem.“

The financing process is done professionally, in collaboration with specialists from the private sector, and is quite standard for the tech industry.

Given that we are talking to startups that are facing this process for the first time, it may seem complicated at first glance. We try as much as we can to make it as simple as possible, but at the same time, to make sure that the start-up we are talking about proves the necessary potential and seriousness. It is also a process of educating the founders regarding such transactions, preparing them for discussions with future investment funds and a process that is at least as rigorous.

David Achim –  Executive Director at Make IT in Oradea

During the financing process, the startup is analyzed in order to qualify it as a company with a real potential for growth. A technical and business analysis is performed by the members of the board of Make IT in Oradea, together with other specialists. Next there is a negotiation of the general financing terms and conditions with the founders. After analyzing the company’s documents, and if the conclusions of this analysis are in line with the investors’ expectations, the terms of the actual transaction are negotiated and the financing contract is signed between the parties. This entire process usually takes 3 months.

“The first step you need to take to obtain such funding is to register on the Make IT in Oradea’s website, after which you will enter the analysis and selection process. We do not have strict preferences regarding the niche in which the startup operates, but we make sure that we are talking about startups with an ambitious team and real market potential that can scale globally using the latest technologies” explained David Achim.

“For us, this opportunity was extraordinary. I didn’t even know or believe that something like this could happen in Oradea”, said Nichita Herpuț, OptiOffer.

Oradea – a public example for funding startups

Make IT in Oradea is built on 3 pillars: education, startups and companies. The initiative is aimed at developing, accelerating and promoting the local technology startups ecosystem. For startups, Make IT in Oradea manages an annual fund of 300.000 EUR through Bright Labs Incubator, a place where technology startup founders can enter their idea in order to receive mentoring and financing.

The role of Make IT in Oradea is to help startups with real market potential to develop and finance their operations from a very early stage, namely pre-seed. It is one of the most difficult moments for the founders and the stage at which there are very few funding options to turn to”, said David Achim.

“We believe in the potential of the founders first and foremost, and also of the product they are developing. We want to be able to offer them the favorable context to develop in Oradea. Our goal is to create a community of technology startups in Oradea and to educate the local market”, concluded David Achim.

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OptiOffer is the revolutionary SRP (Supplier – Reseller Platform) that equipment sales
professionals use. Known for its revolutionary price quoting system and shareable eCatalog network. It connects the suppliers’ product catalog with its resellers to automate and streamline their quoting and order creation & management. For more information, you can visit

Make IT in Oradea is a non-profit organization initiated by Primăria Oradea and ADLO SA, together with the local members Startware, Paymo, Mobiversal, Helin, RO et CO International, and the national partner Oradea România.

The purpose of the organization is to grow the local IT ecosystem. The initiative is built on 3 pillars:

  1. Develop entrepreneurial abilities and consolidate the startup community
  2. Financing and incentives for IT companies
  3. Keeping the local talent, and attracting new talent, by offering scholarships for high school and university students.


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