Meet SVGator, the Most Advanced SVG Creator and Animator

 Meet SVGator, the Most Advanced SVG Creator and Animator

SVGator started back in 2017 as a small project of Smartware, an Oradea-based company. Today, it’s a well-established animation app that has just reached an important milestone with its latest release, making designers’ lives easier with a full-featured SVG animation app and editor in one that offers anything a professional designer could dream of.

Getting started

The idea of an online SVG animator tool was born when a team of designers and developers recognized the hidden powers of SVG, being small in file size and infinitely scalable with support for animations and interactivity. Back then, they just needed a quick solution that would allow them to animate and export SVG effortlessly, without any coding skills, as a single file that can be easily added to any website. This is how the friendly interface was born, where anyone can easily animate SVG by setting up animators and keyframes on a timeline without having to dive into CSS and JavaScript.

Growing fast

Since then, the app has helped thousands of designers to create animations without any coding skills and continues its success story with the new SVGator 3.0 that provides a versatile toolset for creation and animation in one place. With this update, it becomes the leading SVG editor in the design industry, because it is the perfect combination of a vector editor tool and an animator app.

SVGator’s intuitive interface comes with familiar graphic tools and shapes, powered up by fast editing options and a constantly growing assets library. After creation, the graphics can be easily animated and exported as interactive animations that will play on click, hover, or scroll. Designers are free to create amazing web animations like logos, icons, illustrations, characters, line arts, preloaders, and other graphics. Animators include position, scale, rotate, morph, skew, fill, stroke path, and more.

Here are the new features of SVGator 3.0:

  • A completely new interface with advanced editing tools that were designed and tested by graphic artists to ensure the best editor experience.
  • Fast editing options with a Pen tool that allows designers to draw without any interruption, as they can select and move the node points and adjust the bezier curves on the go. Basic shapes like rectangles, circles, polygons, or stars are already available; compound shapes and custom paths are easily editable.
  • The new interface offers more flexibility and a better editor experience. SVGator’s new interface is built of collapsible and scalable sections that allow more control over the workspace. Users can completely hide the panels on both sides and have a full view of their canvas.
  • The export and preview options are visible in a single panel, so it’s easier to preview the final project and choose the interactive export option that best suits the user’s needs. Snapping options are an integral part of the canvas along with smart guides and a professional grid system.
  • There is a new assets library full of useful elements that can be reused as many times as needed or users can import their own SVG files.

The future

SVGator’s mission is to encourage the extensive use of SVG animations as many designers are not aware of its benefits yet. This is why it also offers a Free Plan that allows designers to try all the features and export three animations per month. While this plan is perfect for those who are just getting familiar with SVG animations, more experienced users can choose between the Lite and Pro versions that include advanced features, interactive export options, and an unlimited number of animated exports per month.

SVGator’s journey continues, as the team is passionate about new features and constant development to empower graphic designers from all over the world.


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