New feature alert for mobile app developers: exporting SVG animations is now an easy one-step process with SVGator!

 New feature alert for mobile app developers: exporting SVG animations is now an easy one-step process with SVGator!

The top-ranking SVG creator and animator tool has just launched the leading-edge
export feature that’s going to turn implementing animations in mobile apps into an
effortless, straightforward process.

With cross-platform mobile export options, the tool instantly generates a single SVG file that you can add right to your framework of choice (React Native/Flutter) as it is. No need for any third-party apps, tools or plug-ins. SVGator’s new mobile export feature is a full-scale solution that both graphic designers and mobile app developers can take advantage of, being able to edit and export SVG animations with ease.

SVGator allows designers to create smooth animations using advanced animators,
familiar graphic tools and an intuitive interface, while the code gets generated behind–the-scenes.
This “no-code” system enables users to create outstanding animations from scratch, saving designers and developers time and effort. 

A simplified take on SVG animation that you can test for free, without needing a credit card to get started.

Benefits of SVGator’s new mobile export feature

A no-code solution for exporting animations with just one click.

The mobile export feature blurs the lines between graphic designers and developers
even further, allowing both to create and animate SVG without writing a single line of
code. Exporting for mobile apps (and for the web) is a one-step process with SVGator.

Plus, users can test the animations and come back to edit and make changes, either in SVGator’s interface or straight into the code, without requiring third-party tools.

Export a single SVG file to React Native or Flutter.

The code generated by SVGator when you hit the Export button comes neatly packed
into a ready-to-use single SVG file that you can add directly to one of the two most
popular frameworks, React Native or Flutter.

This cross-platform mobile export feature makes adding SVG animations easy to both
iOS and Android apps. With no compatibility issues in native apps, the animations will
run just as smoothly in mobile apps as they do in a website.

Export interactive animations that get triggered on load or on tap.

The resolution-independent and lightweight animation you export can also be
interactive. In the export panel, you can select the animation’s interactivity settings. For mobile exports, the triggers you can choose between are “on load” or “on tap”.

Implement SVGator’s Single Player Setup for a Performance Boost.

If you plan on adding lots of SVG animations to the mobile app you’re building, the
single-player setup is a performance-focused asset that you should definitely consider. Single-Player mode requires you to install a package, which includes SVGator’s own SVG player node module, and it helps significantly reduce APK and IPA file sizes.

In the Export panel you can choose between going with the Single-Player mode, or
having the player embedded into the .svg file you’re exporting.

About SVGator

SVGator is an online SVG creator and animator tool. Dating back to 2017, the tool was
created by a team of designers that recognized the performance potential of the
infinitely scalable vector graphic format.

The app has since made it easy for thousands of designers to create remarkable
animations using an intuitive interface, without having to write code. The new mobile
export feature was the natural next step in SVGator’s success story, making SVG
animations conveniently available for mobile app developers.


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