New opportunities of digital innovation in Romania through FIT Digital Innovation Hub and BOWI

 New opportunities of digital innovation in Romania through FIT Digital Innovation Hub and BOWI

FIT Digital Innovation Hub from Brașov won the membership of the network of digital innovation hubs Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs (BOWI), following the open call in the first part of this year. The BOWI project aims to develop an attractive and self-sustaining cooperation model to connect digital innovation hubs from regions with different levels of technological advancement.

The aim of BOWI

The aim of BOWI cooperation is to give each party access to what they need most – experience and expertise, funding, infrastructure, complementary technologies or access to new markets. This network will support companies in the digital transformation of the most innovative projects, will help investors discover the leaders of the digital revolution and help development agencies understand the needs of the industry.

How is BOWI going to achieve its aim

To achieve this goal, the new BOWI members will run a second set of experiments to validate the changes implemented by the initial members in the cooperation models and will finalize an updated and viable DIH collaboration model. Specifically, the BOWI network will launch in 2022 grants for transregional technology transfer experiments worth up to 60,000 euros/experiment, in which eligible applicants will be SMEs from partner DIH ecosystems.

The successful accession to the BOWI network comes as an additional confirmation that we are on the right track with FIT DIH and that our work to support and increase the innovative potential of the ecosystem in the Center region is relevant. 

Two major strategic victories are achieved through the BOWI project. First of all, we are part of one of the most important DIH networks in Europe, which will count in the evaluation of the European Commission for the transformation of FIT DIH into an EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub). Secondly, we can now further support the regional ecosystem, by awarding grants for international technology transfer experiments of up to € 60,000, starting in 2022. It is a priority for us to maintain an open communication with SMEs in the region, to connect them to such opportunities. 

Zaki Milhem, Chief Innovation Officer @Iceberg Plus

The BOWI project is aligned with the SAE initiative

The BOWI project is aligned with the European Commission’s Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative. This initiative aims to support European companies with advanced digitalization solutions that should be available to any company regardless of its location. The key elements of the SAE initiative are Digital Innovation Centers (DIHs) – unique counters for companies looking to improve their business or services with digital solutions. These hubs bring together companies that offer last-generation solutions and accept the challenge of finding answers to complex problems.

Unlocking the potential of emerging markets

Influenced by various historical and economic factors, some regions of Europe are less represented than others in European digitalization programs and digitalization, such as SAE (Smart Anything Everywhere) and I4MS (ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs). To support these regions in gaining others, various EU support programs have already been launched to promote the adoption of advanced digital technologies. It is therefore extremely important to ensure the transfer of best practices from more digitally developed regions to emerging markets in order to unlock their potential for innovation and digitalization. Thus, strong collaborations and partnerships will be formed, and access to new markets will be gained by all partners in the network.

For more information about this initiative, the contact person is Mr. Zaki Milhem, Chief Innovation Officer Iceberg (

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