Romanian Company SOFTECH Honored with Software Outsourcing Project of the Year Award

 Romanian Company SOFTECH Honored with Software Outsourcing Project of the Year Award

As organizations have seen an increased need for software development, they have become more reliant on outsourcing development as an efficient way to keep pace with competitors. As companies in 2020 faced unprecedented challenges, it forced a shift in business models with the need to support remote work and a distributed workforce. Many companies were unprepared and lacked the in-house expertise to make the transition smoothly.

The global outsourcing market is growing at a rapid pace. According to the Global Industry Analytics report, it’s expected to grow by as much as 5% annually through 2024.

Gartner estimated that companies will spend nearly one trillion dollars (more than €831 million) in 2021 on cloud infrastructure and outsourcing. Companies located in the United States and Europe are increasingly turning to Eastern European countries for IT outsourcing. A recent report showed that nearly 70% of the global demand for software outsourcing is being served by companies in Eastern Europe.

SOFTECH, a Romanian company known for innovative software development, full stack development, and DevOps, is one example of a company that’s creating custom solutions to meet the increasing demand. With more than two decades of experience, the company has established itself as a major player on the global stage with a total turnover of €5.2 million ($6.25 million) and an impressive compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 44%.

Already listed among Europe’s fastest-growing companies according to the FT 1000 by Financial Times, SOFTECH was recently awarded the Software Outsourcing Project of the Year Award by the Employer’s Association of the Software and Services Industry (ANIS). Founded in 1998, ANIS is a trade organization that recognizes outstanding achievement in software design and development. An active member of Digital Europe and Concordia, ANIS currently includes 140 members from among companies founded in Romania using both domestic and foreign capital. ANIS focuses on advocacy, education and training, and fostering the IT community.

The Software Outsourcing Project of the Year Award was awarded to SOFTECH for the company’s development of a multiplatform complex management system. This includes the integration of sensors, IoT devices, and other industrial equipment. A cloud-based infrastructure also allowed for remote access and field units. The software solution proved to be an effective and secure tool during the pandemic built on top of an infrastructure that provided high connectivity, high performance, and high scalability.

At SOFTECH | Codespring, we are very proud to have won the Software Outsourcing Project of the Year award as part of Romania’s IT Industry Excellence Awards in 2021.

It is a distinction that truly compliments the software development team’s performance and the way in which software outsourcing cooperation is fine-tuned on a daily basis. We value a lot the work that ANIS does in Romania for the development of the IT industry and we hereby congratulate the organization for their impressive projects and results.

Levente Szelyes, Engineer, CEO, and founder of SOFTECH

The specialized knowledge required to manage increasingly sophisticated cloud-based applications combined with an international shortage of qualified engineers will accelerate demand for software development outsourcing. As the global demand continues, look for companies like SOFTECH to continue to grow.

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