Stop Google-ing your symptoms! There’s an app for finding the right medical direction

 Stop Google-ing your symptoms! There’s an app for finding the right medical direction

When was the last time you Googled your symptoms? Did you wish there was an easy to use app that looks like your personal physician?

Finding the right medical direction can be a difficult process. There are many different specialists, treatments, and medications that people need to choose from; it is often hard for patients to know where to start or what information they should look at first. 


Solving the problem

This is why Mobiversal have just launched a new app called Medical Analysis Profile which helps patients find out which analysis they should take based on their symptoms – rather than wasting time scrolling through all of the options available online.

Mobiversal has over 11 years of experience developing apps for companies all across the world with cutting-edge software engineering skills. Their recently launched Medical Analysis Profile app is like a personal physician on your phone. It provides important information about the patient and their health in simple language that anyone can understand, to help them live healthier lives every day.


How to use it

Medical Analysis Profile is an incredibly easy-to-use app and regardless of the age, it should be your go-to when thinking about “Google” -ing symptoms. It has a very intuitive design which makes navigating through its features quick and simple, from beginning with a medical questionnaire all the way down to tapping where you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort. This can help diagnose what’s wrong before more serious problems arise. 


When starting the agency, ages ago, there was one thing we wanted to remain at our core values: To build apps that make a difference in our world, society and life.

Alin Mercheș – CEO @Mobiversal

When offered to build the app, in times like these, when health is such a sensitive topic due to pandemic, Mobiversal said yes without hesitation, knowing that this app would definitely help people

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The team of designers and programmers found themselves in an environment where they were constantly learning new things. They had to learn medical terminology, as well as work with the doctors on developing a questionnaire for patients. 

What’s more is that this project challenged them far beyond what they expected from any other design job: their designs needed to be creative but functional at the same time – something which required lots of experimentation!

The Mobiversal designer-programmer duo was tasked with designing body parts screen functionality while considering both technical constraints and usability requirements. It didn’t take long before they realized just how complex this process would get given to the limitation of mobile screen size.

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Medical analysis app was launched in less than 11 weeks from the moment the team started to work on it, and it’s available for free download from both Apple Store and Google Play, so whether you’re using an iPhone or an android you can easily install this app.  

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