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New feature alert for mobile app developers: exporting SVG animations

The top-ranking SVG creator and animator tool has just launched the leading-edge export feature that’s going to turn implementing animations in mobile apps into an effortless, straightforward process. With cross-platform mobile export options, the tool instantly generates a single SVG file that you can add right to your framework of choice (React Native/Flutter) as it […]Read More


First Romanian Language benchmark released for machine learning

The LiRo (Limba Română) team, which includes researchers, professors, students, and others from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Politehnica University of Bucharest, DeepMind, and other companies, has released last month the first benchmark for Romanian language tasks, together with datasets that can be used to train machine learning (ML) models to perform these tasks. This […]Read More


Coinzix cryptocurrency trading exchange launched beta version

Coinzix, a Romanian cryptocurrency trading exchange, just launched its beta version. Coinzix is an exchange specialized in trading digital currencies based in Romania, Oradea. Founders, with experience in technology and finance, have decided to launch a crypto trading platform without bureaucracy or exorbitant commissions. We talked to CEO Ovidiu Chirodea, one of the founders of […]Read More