Typing AI Biometrics identifies the users by the way they type

 Typing AI Biometrics identifies the users by the way they type

Typing AI is a secure typing biometrics authentication API that identifies users by the way they type.

Organizations lose millions of dollars every year due to “inherently unsafe” password-based authentication. Not only do weak passwords account for more than 80% of all data breaches, but the average help desk labor cost to reset a single password stands at more than $70.

Typing AI is on a mission to make the internet a safer place. By eliminating passwords, businesses can immediately reduce churn and cart abandonment and provide superior security for personal data. They have transformed authentication, making it faster, simpler and better.

Typing AI is a secure typing biometrics authentication API that identifies users of the way they type by using artificial intelligence. A unique typing ID is generated for each user, the accuracy level being over 99.9%. 

Typing AI Biometrics provides enterprise-grade security and can be easily integrated into the web, desktop, and mobile apps using any programming language.

The team

They are a remote team of 4 members split across Romania, Croatia, and India currently looking to grow their team with a Junior Full-stack Developer, a Sales representative, and a Marketing & Conversion Rate Optimization specialist.

Typing AI was created as a side project by Rares Pascut, the CEO and lead developer of the company. After reaching a detection accuracy score of over 99.9%, the company was incorporated in Croatia.

Typing AI Biometrics j.d.o.o. is a company registered in Croatia. The company was accelerated by Fil Rouge Capital, the leading Croatian VC, and received an investment of 50 000 euros in 2021 after joining the Fil Rouge Capital accelerator. Typing AI Biometrics also graduated from the Techcelerator’s Advancing AI 2 accelerator in 2021, run by Gapminder VC.

Sectors served

The ideal customers are Banks, FinTechs, and Top 500 companies looking for enterprise-grade security.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemics, schools and colleges were forced to take exams online and, because of that, educational organizations such as state and private schools, colleges, online courses, and webinar platforms are now among their customers.

Progress and traction

Their biggest customer has over 1 000 000 registered users, based in the United States of America. This company is an online teaching platform that offers courses for driving, flying, snorkeling, and scuba diving that integrate the product into their web and mobile platforms.

Typing AI has served over 300 000 unique users up until now, from Europe, the USA, and Asia. It has provided a dedicated Service Level Agreement to its enterprise customers by offering a 100% uptime and a response time of fewer than 100 milliseconds.

Roadmap and plans

They are looking to raise an investment of 300 000 euros to boost development, marketing, and sales. And for that, they are already discussing with several VCs and some Crowdfunding platforms from Europe and USA.

In the following six months they will launch a mobile application and a suite of Multi-Factor Authentication products. 

Typing Biometrics is the core product but will provide some adjacent Identity as a Service solution to strengthen our enterprise-grade security.


More details about Typing AI Biometrics can be found on their website.


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